5 Modern Window Treatment Trends

It is pretty easy to take windows for granted, especially if you have some pretty effective curtains.  But Store Urbain bespoke windows are very important in any home today, whether you live in house, apartment, condo, or another type of domicile.  Obviously, they let in natural light, but windows can also be a great to add some personal style to your home: through the use of the proper window dressings.

These days, there are many different types of window treatments.


Whether you like curtains or blinds, you may be quite happy to know that you can get your window dressings from companies who make them using organic materials like wood, stone, or naturally woven fabrics.  This is popular, of course, as more and more consumers are calling for responsible, eco-friendly products that are good for the environment. More importantly, perhaps, these materials and methods are becoming more efficient, and that means the trend is also more affordable than ever.  


The stand-by colors for curtains are black, white, and navy; perhaps there may be a burgundy in there somewhere.  These days, the trend is for brighter, hotter, flashier colors like fiery reds and the livelier shades of ocean blue like teal and aquamarine.  Also, designers and home owners alike are opting for daring hues like lavender and even jewel tones like gold and emerald and persimmon.


In many ways, home design is getting simpler.  People are willing to have smaller homes, for one, in order to save money—which they can then spend more on lifestyle choices instead of on basic living expenses.  You could use that money to travel or buy some new technology; or you could choose to upgrade your lifestyle by updating your window treatments to some which utilize more luxurious fabrics.  Look for silk, of course, as well as velvet, suede, and damask—and even fur—for more elegance.  Pair these with soft textiles to complete the look.


You can do no wrong when you line your window frames with simple, sleek lines.  As a matter of fact, this tends to be quite a popular interior design schematic as a whole, so consider panel-track systems with compatible fabrics and woven-wood panels to help establish an overall aesthetic.


Somewhat contrary, but actually quite complementary, to sleek lines, bold prints are also quite popular now.  Indeed, interior designs continue to recommend thick stripes and ornate patterns.