Five Excellent Kitchen Upgrades

It seems like kitchen trends go in and out every year, but that is also kind of a normal thing in the design world.  Tastes change, as do material availability and budgetary restrictions. With that in mind, though, here are a few recent kitchen trends that seem to have a bit of longevity.


This trend has actually been around for a while but it looks as though it is here to stay.  This makes it a good place to begin this list, too.  Open storage and shelving somewhat improves the efficiency of your kitchen, particularly if you incorporate these elements in the appropriate places.  Keep dishes and flatware/silverware, for example, in/under the kitchen island for quick and easy serving.  Stack pots and pans in the pantry or near the stove, etc.


One detriment to open storage and shelving is the absence of doors and hardware. Knowing this, though, you can use more metallic notes like a stainless steel refrigerator or a large oven hood to restore some of the metallic notes that would have been present as cabinet knobs and other hardware.


Pristine white wall have long been a kitchen staple, but other colors have been popular. Still if you like this trend (and, really, who doesn’t?) you can add some character and depth to the space by installing dark floors.  Dark floors and other darker accents—like a hardwood floor—can help to elevate the classic appeal of white walls, preventing it from feeling a little too anesthetic.


Technology has improved just about every aspect of life, and the kitchen is certainly reaping the benefits.  Modern advances are making it not only easier to prepare your own meals at home, but these meals can be even more nutritious and delicious than what you might find at a local restaurant.  Your refrigerator can even order groceries for you!  With all these new tools that you might need, you might want to consider having something called an “appliance garage,” which lets you house all of your kitchen tools in one convenient place.


While you might be familiar with “all-purpose” flour in baking terms, you might not realize that there was a time when baking involved different bowls for mixing, cooking, cooling, storing, etc.  These days, many types of bakeware are “all-purpose”: made with Smart, tempered glass and ceramic materials that let you do all of these; and they are dishwasher safe!