Learn How Can You Reuse A Whiskey Barrel To Make A Table

A whiskey barrel coffee table in your living room will attract more and more visitors often. It brings a touch of vintage and history to your home or even office. The salient points and process of creating a coffee table out of a whiskey barrel are discussed below.

Preparing the Whiskey Barrel

The whiskey barrel can be sourced from local distilleries, Craigslist, by posting an ad or from online sellers like Amazon. After you receive the barrel, the first step in preparing the barrel is disassembling the pre cut half barrel. The pry bar can be used to remove the middle metal bands, while the end bands are left in place. The rubber mallet is then used to even out the boards.

A 120 or 220 grit sandpaper is lightly used on the outside of the barrel. Afterwards, the barrel is stained to improve its appearance. The metal bars are reattached by using 1 inch wood screws after the stain is dry. The metal bars are placed, so that the screws holes on the band align with the old screw holes in the barrel.

The table base

  • The 2×12 board is used to create two table bases with a width equivalent to the widest part of the barrel. An arc is cut on the both the pieces using a Jig Saw, and orbital sander is used for smoothing, so that the barrel snugly fits into the base.
  • The arcs are then stained and once they are dry, these are placed, so that the barrel sits evenly. The holes are drilled from the barrel to the arc. The 3 inch wooden screws are then used to attach the base to the barrel.
  • Decorative base pieces are made from 1×2 or 1×3 board. These are cut 2 inches longer than the base length. The ends are then beveled at 45 degrees and are attached to the base after its stained and dried by using 1 1/2 inch wooden screws.

Table apron

The 1×4 lumber is used to create the table apron around the barrel top. The lumber is cut into two pieces of length equivalent to the length of the barrel, and two pieces of a length equivalent to the sides of the barrel at its end.

The boards are then attached to create a frame using Kreg Jig and Kreg screws. The frame is attached to the barrel using 1 1/2 inches wood screws. The outside of the frame should sit flush with the widest part of the barrel.

Table top, hinges and lid support

  • The table top is made from 1×8 boards. The length of table top is kept an inch longer than the barrel length. Four pieces of the boards are used and attached to each other using 1 1/4 inch Kreg Screws.
  • The chest hinges are attached to the outside frame.
  • The table top is attached to the table by using the chest hinges.
  • The lid support is connected between the lid and the frame.

The boards that were not coated should be stained and dried, then the polyurethane is applied to the top to get a nice finish. Making a coffee table at home is a tough task that needs dedication and hard work. You can get a coffee table and other furniture’s made from whiskey or wine barrel without investing your time and efforts from a professionals like https://hungarianworkshop.com/shop/recurved-bourbon-barrel-rocker/