List of things to check for your Finished Basement

Let’s just say you have a house, you have so dearly built. For a very long time, you have ignored one part of the house that could make your house complete and turn it into a beautiful home. If you have clicked this page you already know that we are going talk about the basement. Once you decide to transform the basement you will have to look at a few things to consider it finished and ready to be used. So, what is a ‘Finished basement’?

First, decide who is the basement for

We live in the times were parents can’t wait for their children to move out and live on their own. Children can’t wait to send their parents to care homes. However, there are a few families that prefer to live together and care for each other. So, if you have a basement, you can always have an extended space for your children or the elderly. You can even rent the space to a college or a university student for a decent price.

Second, pick a style

From music to food to the basement could use a unique style. Using style also means you show off your personality. You could choose from the contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Simple and Rustic or blend any two styles. It’s your personality, hence, your style. If you are designing this space for someone else, you may have to keep their choices in your mind. For instance, if it is for an elderly person, they might love the traditional or a simple look. And, don’t forget to install a proper storage space.

Third, check for any issues

Since it’s a basement, it is likely that there might be problems with the water or electricity. Even if it could be a minor leak, you must promptly get it checked and fixed before you start the construction or remodelling. It’s not a problem if you would like to do it yourself, however, I’d recommend you to contact your local plumber to do a thorough checking. You don’t want the leak, trust me!

Fourth, work on the walls

Now, the basement is usually cold and damp from the rest of the house as it lacks the direct sunlight. The best solution to avoid the dampness and to keep the warmth within the walls is to insulate them. You can choose the best options depending on the climate type of your city or town. Then paint it! Go for a solid colour or go crazy and turn it into an art studio. I would choose the latter.

Fifth, light up the ceilings

Who wouldn’t love a decorated lamps or a chandelier on the ceiling? Having lights fixed on the ceiling is a good way to make the entire space look bright. We don’t want to step into the basement that reminds us of every horror films. Where you always find a nasty ghost in the dark. So, get creative! Design the ceiling and let there be light!

And now, you have the finished basement, ready to be occupied. Since it’s a holiday season, you can invite your family and friends without worrying about your space.