Popular Modern Furniture Still in Style Today

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Mankind has always looked for ways to be more comfortable. From clothing to tools, we have always worked to protect and nourish ourselves; and always looked for more ways to improve.  This definitely makes sense when you look at the way we have evolved domestically:  in our homes and our furniture.  

The earliest furniture, of course, was nothing like the furniture we use today.  Most of the time it was found objects or things which were conveniently located in nature: tree stumps, fallen logs, flat-top rocks, etc.  Our ancient ancestors might have used these for chairs and tables.  We started to make our furniture, however, maybe 30,000 years ago; with more and more advanced techniques evolving in more recent history.


The Rentan.com furniture we use today, but still might consider “traditional,” would have emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries.  This, of course, was a time of somewhat intricate details with rich colors and shades.  Furniture makers used lush fabrics and even leather. You might call this style posh and elaborate.  Furniture makers of today, though, would fuse elements of these sensibilities with modern techniques to provide a timeless but discerning look.


Country-style furniture, of today, is based on a broad spectrum of designs and concepts which emerged after the early colonization of North America.  Obviously, then, much of this based on local woods for a cozy, inviting appeal with hints of Old World charm.  Distressed wood and a soft color pallet characterize country furniture.


Not to be confused with country furniture, rustic furniture employs about equal parts natural materials and metallic elements.  In particular, rustic furniture tends to feature patina elements for something quite inspiring. This design style incorporates various organic forms, relying mostly on earth tones and would certainly feel representative of the first American pioneers, venturing West during the North American expansion of the US.


This style of furniture is characterized by generous seating options and plush cushions. Obviously, we are focusing on relaxation, here. This style tends to have a mix of recliners, settees, cup holders, storage, and other elements which are ideal both for lounging as well as socializing.


Minimal in build and in shape, contemporary furniture uses bold colors and enticing textiles to excite aesthetics without sacrificing comfort.


Finally, we have might be the most modern style of furniture. This style intends to bring together various elements of other styles while maximizing living space.