The Safe Way to Get Rid of Mold

Mold can occur inside homes causing great distress for the homeowner. Not only does mold smell bad and look nasty, some molds are known to pose health risks. If there are small children, older individuals or people inside the home that have compromised immune systems, the potential mold induced health risk is even higher. Homeowners should leave mold removal for the experts at DKI Services. These mold specialists can assess your home and/or property for any signs of mold growth. If found, they will diagnose which type it is. Then the removal process begins.

Many people are unaware that mold spreads by throwing off mold spores into the air. These tiny spores are much too small to see. However, if proper care is not taken during the removal of mold, these spores can float to other areas where they will begin to grow. It is essential to keep these mold spores out of any ventilation systems. Typically, mold will grow in dark areas where there is little air movement. This is why this problem is often found in hot and musty attics, and in dark moist basement regions.

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Mold can grow in bathrooms if there is water lying for periods of time. A small leak in a water pipe can cause moisture to occur. This can provide the perfect environment that mold needs to effectively grow. Sometimes homeowners are completely oblivious that mold is growing inside their bathroom walls. This is commonly found when homeowners decide to remodel, or when a problems necessitates someone getting into this area. It is hard to sell a home with mold growth. Anyone considering such a sale is encouraged to call DKI first for a thorough mold inspection. Remedying this problem sooner lessens the overall structural impact that mold growth can cause.

It is common to find the cause of mold to be loose roof shingles, wall cracks, blocked attic ventilation, broken pipes or inadequate moisture barrier advised for basement or crawl spaces. DKI will check for all of these potential mold aiding problems. They can discuss extra services to repair these sorts of issues. DKI uses industrial grade ready vacuums built for removal of mold growth. They place HEPA required heavy filters on the hoses, and will wear full body protective gear. A barrier wall is erected to prevent anything going from the work area over to other living spaces.

Sometimes, the mold is so bad that actual pieces of a home’s structure needs replacement. There are several high tech methods that DKI professionals use when removing hard-to-clean mold infestations. To prevent any potential cross contamination during this process, workers will use strong fans designed to pull air away from where the family lives. Extra care is taken to ensure that the home’s ventilation areas and systems are free of mold. To prevent any future mold situations, DKI highly recommends a specialized mold prevention treatment. This will provide a surface that repels moisture from developing to cause mold.

It is important to follow strict safety rules when working around mold. DKI has the experience, training and specific equipment and materials necessary for effective and full mold remediation. Anyone thinking about buying a new home should get a low cost mold inspection prior to buying.