Three Types of Rodents and the Fences You Should Build To Keep Them Out

If you have a garden, you know how much work and time go into maintaining it. Of course, that is just what makes growing your fruits and vegetables so much better!  At the same time, that is also why you know how important it is to protect your hard work!

With a quality fence, that is…

But what type of fence should you build?  And what type of Woodspec materials should you use?  Unfortunately there is not necessarily one type of fence that can solve all your problems—and, honestly, nothing keeps out insects—so here are some ideas for keeping out specific garden pests.


Obviously, rabbits are among the most common pests to plague your garden.  They are fast, of course, and very nimble. But they are nocturnal, too, so it is hard to catch them.  If you don’t want to stay up all night to hunt bunnies, all you have to do is install a 2-foot tall fence made of chicken wire. Make sure that you plant it deep enough and curve the bottom outward so they cannot jump over or burrow under it.


And on the topic of burrowing, some rodents strictly invade your garden from below. These are animals like chipmunks, gophers, and moles. They are very hard to catch, of course, because they leave no evidence of their visits other than the remnants of all the food they nibbled on.  And you usually don’t figure it out until it is too late.  So be preemptive by digging a 3-ft trench along the fence line and then install a wire mesh.  Build your fence above this so they cannot burrow under it.  You could even fashion the wire mesh into a maze that traps the pests so you can dispose of them (by killing or by releasing; whatever you choose).


Deer can also be a problem, especially if you live in the mountains or near a heavily wooded area.  Deer will pretty much eat whatever you have planted in your garden, and they obviously don’t borrow. Instead, they are proficient leapers, and for that reason you will want to build a very sturdy fence that stands at least 8 feet.  If you angle them outward, too, deer who try to get into your garden will not only have to jump high but quite long as well.